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Condition monitoring solutions for Medium Voltage electrical equipment

Download the technical brochure of ALTANOVA solutions for the condition monitoring of Medium Voltage switchgears, cables, transformers and motors

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Find out the best solution to protect your electrical equipment from loss of insulation, thermal breakdowns, and air dielectric failures.
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A cost-effective solution designed for continuous monitoring of partial discharges in MV switchgears, cables, transformers and motors.
FALCON identifies the deterioration of insulation and the possible degradation of the health of the electrical system, before a failure.
Easy-to-install and with non-intrusive technology, FALCON can be placed easily on the cable termination or on the enclosure of the switchgear.



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A comprehensive solution to monitor Partial Discharge, enclosure contact temperature, and humidity of a large clusters of switchgears.

Non-intrusive technology, Falcon MKII monitoring system provides automatic partial discharge data acquisition and phenomenon identification.

Reliable alarms based on the trending of every phenomenon acquired.




Innovative technology providing real-time continuous monitoring of Contact Temperature, Ambient Temperature and Humidity, and Partial Discharge. IntelliSAW monitoring system is designed for medium voltage switchgears, bus ducts, generator circuit breakers, transformers, rectifier stacks, capacitor banks.



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